Preparing your digital files for press

Before you send your electronic files, please review this checklist. We want to ensure that your project is completed correctly and on time. Our best work is achieved with the following FAQs and tips taken into consideration and checked on every project:

Please reference our accepted software list:
Gray Wolf Graphics Equipment List PDF
Download Adobe Reader to view PDF files.

Please check and include the following with each project:

A laser copy of the latest version of your file at 100% of original size. If your final size is larger than your laser printer size, mark your printout as REDUCED. Also make sure any final changes are marked as "Fixed on Disk".

Accurate document size of electronic file.

Folding panels are accurate and Bleeds (minimum 1/8 inch) are pulled out. Call us for more specific information about size of panels before sending your file to us.

Provide all fonts used in the project, including fonts used in EPS images (Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw, etc.), screen and printer versions.

If your job is printing in four-color process, be sure that all scans you supply are in CMYK format. If you supply files in RGB format, they will not separate correctly, costing you extra time and money.

Scanning your image at 300 d.p.i. at the size you will be using will ensure good results. Never increase a small image beyond 120% when placing it in your document file.

Provide all images and graphics used in the file (even if the image is embedded instead of linked). Don't change graphic file names unless you first re-link them in your application file.

Save scanned images as either TIFF or EPS formats.

Remove unused spot colors from your file and from the color palette as well. Be sure you do not have multiple colors that are similar but slightly different in name (such as using PMS 287 CV and then another color named PMS 287 CVC.) Also confirm that the colors used in the file are the same specified for final production—if not, please note on file or hardcopy.

A few minutes reviewing your file can help save time, money and help to guarantee great results!


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